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Welcome to PolkaDot Ranch – Soaps, Candles, Scrubs, Lotions and Potions, livestock and garden


About Us

Welcome to our little corner of the world.

I really began my venture into making soaps and candles in 1999.  Oh, we had dabbled back in Girl Scouts, and crafting adventures with my mom when I was younger, but I don’t consider that my actual start.

I decided to make my own soaps because I don’t like all the ingredients in the detergents they call soap at the supermarkets.  Especially the overwhelming fragrances.  My poor kids would hold their noses and make gagging noises every time we passed the laundry/soap aisle.  It didn’t do any good for my scent aggravated migraines either.  For the sake of my own health, and the health of my 4 kids, I opted to begin researching the hows and whys of handcrafting my own.  And I’ve never looked back.

I use GMO free and sustainably produced and harvested ingredients.  I use organic when I can.  When possible, we grow our own ingredients.  Our oils and lye are food grade, our colours are cosmetic grade micas, clays, or oxides or food grade natural colourants, and only our fragrances are synthetic.

As the ranch and gardens continue to grow, more ingredients will be able to come from our naturally raised flocks and produce.  My small flock of goats produces the milk for my soaps.

The fragrances listed under “Scents” are ones I keep in stock.  At any given time, I am testing as many as a dozen scents.  These may become a one time product, join the permanent line up, or never see the light of day.  Scents in stock are ones that have proved to not aggravate my migraines.  While they work for me, I can not guarantee the same effect for you.

I am happy to do custom orders and attempt to hunt down that perfect scent for you.  Please feel free to contact me about custom fragrances.  I have access to literally tens of thousands of scents and a company that specializes in creating or recreating signature fragrances.

Quick update on shipping.
Shipping will be by the most cost effective option from zip code 80864.

Pirate Ship will be used whenever possible.

Check here for a schedule of events I will be attending, limited edition items, and new releases.