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Dog training

Dog Training Methods

A well trained dog is achieved through positive reinforcement of acceptable behavior, rewarding the dog using praise and fun as opposed to using food or treats to coerce the dog into performing and correction of unwanted or dangerous behavior. We want the dog to perform well because it wants to please you, the dog owner. Additionally, we spend quite a bit of time teaching the owner and family how to positively interact with your pet in your environment. For this reason we ONLY offer one on one training services at your home as opposed to large groups where we cannot provide the individual attention required to ensure you and your pet are confident and comfortable.

There is no one method, one tool, one way to train that works for every dog.  Each animal is an individual and you must be able to determine what drive your dog is working in and what motivation works best for each one.

Dog Training services

    • Puppy kindergarten – Puppies from 9 weeks to 6 months are welcome in these classes. Upon receiving your new puppy, it is important to ensure the puppy and the owners get off on the right paw! We will cover:
      House Training
      Crate Training
      Basic Obedience
      Bonding with the new pack
      Puppy Psychology
      Puppy Proofing the home

    • Basic Obedience – Designed to benefit owners with dogs over 4 months of age, in our basic obedience classes we:
      Expand on the basic commands (heel, sit, stay, come, down)
      Examine different training tools and their correct applications
      Discuss advanced pack dynamics
      Identify any concerns or behavioral issues which may need to be addressed

    • Behavior modification – If your pet exhibits behavioral issues such as:
      door bolting
      house training issues
      counter surfing
      lack of recall
      or other behaviors which could lead to a lower quality of life for your pet and family, our behavior modification class will address and work with you to correct those unwanted and unsafe behaviors.
    • Service dog training – We evaluate and train dogs for service work on a case by case basis tailored to the needs of the client. Please contact us for more information.

Below is Gerda on her first day of public access training at 16 weeks.  She is now working as a balance and hearing alert dog in Scotland.

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