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We are a ranch, after all.

Here we will introduce our breeders, feeders, and for sale critters. Everyone was being raised on pasture/free range, but then we lost over 50 birds in a single day attack. So now the birds are confined for their safety and my sanity. The goats and pigs are still on pasture. The cattle will, of course, be on pasture. The rabbits, when they arrive, will be confined but hopefully in a colony setting as currently planned.



The current breeding pair is a Bourbon Red tom and a Royal Palm x Nangaresset hen. They have blessed me with over a dozen poults so far, and she is setting on a clutch as well. I’ve also added in some Blue Slate birds for next year’s breeding season. CONTACT US if you would like to get on the list for holiday birds. There will be a very limited quantity for this year (2021).



Currently we have a black shouldered pair and are waiting ever so impatiently for Doofus the Destroyer and his gal to bless us with eggs. Turns out Doofus is dark pied, black shoulder, carrying white eye. We’ve added in some new pied bloodlines as well. CONTACT US if you would like to get on the waiting list for eggs or chicks.


I started with a large-ish group of Astralorp hens with a barnyard mix rooster. After a very unhappy and unexpected loss of over 50 birds, including all of my chicks hatched this year at the time, I have added in some new breeds while keeping my remaining Astralorp hens and my Bielefelder rooster, and moving all birds from free range to confined in large runs. Added breeds include Transylvanian Naked Necks, Bresse, Ayam Cemani, Americauna, copper Marans, Blue Marans, Isbars, Cream Legbar, White legbar, White leghorn, Cochin, Oshamo crosses, olive eggers, easter eggers, and crosses of the above.


I have been over the moon happy with my heritage breed pigs. Pete is a 1000 pound Duroc boar. Mamma is a Large Black weighing in the 700 pound range. Trebuchet is one of their offspring I kept back and at a year of age she is rather difficult to tell apart from her mom. So these lines grow fast with the way we raise them! We also have Pumba, the pot belly that surprised us with a litter by Pete, and from that we kept back Ballista, just to see what she grows into. We added in a pure bred swallow bellied Mangalitsa boar and can hardly wait to see how he improves our bloodlines.

They are on unlimited spent grains, unlimited pasture, garden clippings and produce, and a balancer ration. We will be looking to add more breeders to our herd as we can’t keep pigs in stock for those that want to purchase them. CONTACT US to get on the waiting list for pigs to raise.


Our goats are the backbone of our ranch. They provide milk and meat, weed control, and comic relief.




















Stinky Stannis, the one nut wonder

Lord Snow