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Let’s face it, I’m bad at this thing

I never have been one to keep a diary or journal. If I remember, I’ll jot notes down on a paper calendar (and I have way too many of them stored in a box). So it’s not surprising that I don’t keep up with this between not journaling, the critters, training, soaping, creating new designs, moving, family, and in general preferring to do *anything* outside rather than home chores or computer time.

Since the beginning 2021 I have: moved, moved critters, installed pasture fence, built/updated bird pens (and still building more), hatched more birds than I care to count, lost too many birds in a single attack at the other property, bottle fed 27 goat kids, hand milked 10 goats daily, painted, weed whacked, planted, dug, waged war on thistles and yucca, made 2 trips to Arizona, updated the shopping inventory, hand raised a litter of pigs, and somehow kept up with the laundry. What I have NOT done is keep up with this blog, or most of my distant friends, or the dishes.

What I’m learning is that it’s perfectly acceptable (to most people, just not me normally) to check off and “count” steps towards completion of a project. I’ve found that unless the project is “finished”, I don’t count the work I did on it that day as having done anything. And that’s a really good way to burn out, talk bad to yourself about being lazy, and lower self esteem. I’m sure that type of thinking would really have a negative impact on anyone dealing with depression. So here we are, half way through the year, and my new resolution is to be kinder to myself